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Reasons For CCTV
Security Surveillance applications are primarily the main reason for our installations however increasingly CCTV and in particular remote surveillance is used for operational , production, scientific  and  safety reasons or a combination of the above.

The use of CCTV to detect crime and enhance public safety  is well recognised as an effective  way to provide surveillance of your premises or business.

Other than a deterrent to nefarious activity recorded pictures are also creating a vastly increased rate of conviction or the resolution of an incident or offence.

CCTV is an integral part of crime control policy and the operational process.  Cameras are installed in many retail stores for a safeguard against theft or robbery and also for staff and customer surveillance.

Many public areas and streets in Australia are now surveyed and monitored by Closed Circuit Television providing the police and relevant authorities with live or recorded history of public behaviour.

Security cameras are now a ubiquitous feature of many public installations and places and our installations range from prisons to the corner deli.

Our installations include many production line and manufacturing businesses recording for a wide variety of reasons the whole process from delivery of raw materials through production to packaging to despatch.

Recording technology allows a chronological record of your operation over a period of time that can be viewed both live, historically or remotely from any where in the world.

Latest Technology
Riedel Surveillance has embraced the evolution of surveillance from analogue to digital.

CCTV has been the first of the security family to make the switch to Ethernet or IP ( Internet Protocol ) and the latest generation of intelligent IP cameras and network technologies enhance the performance and reliability well beyond that of traditional Analogue CCTV systems.

Digital is the surveillance medium of the future and offers many advantages to both an existing and new installation.

Digital technology is backwards compatible so many components of an existing analogue system can be incorporated into an upgraded digital solution.  This feature allows existing systems to be upgraded as required to a full digital solution.

Increasingly digital technology will surpass the older analogue technology.

IP cameras utilize the low cable costs associated with an Ethernet network and they can also be powered over this medium again simplifying and providing substantial cost savings on a traditional system.

IP cameras can also include video analytics “smart technology” with the cameras able to be utilised for video motion detectors, facial recognition, object identification and tracking, congestion detection, theft detection, unattended object detection, licence plate recognition , traffic flow, counting, counter and behavioural analysis.

Riedel Surveillance offers high resolution complete video systems featuring the most advanced technology available in the world.

Using these high resolution megapixel systems means that

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Please visit our Detailed Scene Capture page to learn more about high resolution decentralised video systems.
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