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What is CCTV?
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Riedel Surveillance

Riedel Surveillance is a major and experienced provider of Electronic Surveillance solutions.

Founded in 1968, we are committed to the principles of Quality Excellence and are renowned for the consistent high quality of our products, installations and services and for our strong attention to customer needs.

From our head office in Adelaide the company provides Consultancy, Design, Installation and Maintenance facilities in all areas. Offices operate from Adelaide, Darwin and Dubai serving clients throughout Australia and the Middle East. The need and reasons for surveillance are as diverse as the wide range of security equipment available to business today. 

Closed Circuit Television or CCTV can be used in many applications although its value in security is well documented. CCTV permits a single person to view and or record multiple scenes even in remote locations. This website aims to meet your needs whether you are a business owner or manager, a property manager, an investor or an individual looking for some ways to better oversee your planned business operations and activities.

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This includes meeting vehicle access control and detailed scene capture requirements with proven, leading edge technology.

If you have any questions or would like a quote please call us on 1300 364 126 or email us at info(@riedel-surveillance.com.au), remove the brackets when entering our address in your email program.